I can’t sleep. I have terrible heart burn…I want to go home. I can’t get up and go get tums because just heard something in the hall and now I’m scared.
My mind is racing…my ear hurts does pregnancy really make you fall apart? Unf. At least my baby girl is happily asleep and she let’s me know when she wakes up. Gosh I can not wait to see her beautiful face…she’s such a blessing.
Thinking of Alex. Was going to messages him buy figured it was better off leaving him alone.
Might try and roll over and get this heartburn to go away.
I might be back. 😩😒😖😫


Hi Tumblr. I’m sorry I really haven’t been “blogging” much. I’ve been trying to stay away from tumblr.
So- Payslee is doing great! She is head down and could come at any time! We are ready for her to come into this world and be with her momma