I feel like I’m beginning to be okay again. I still miss alex. I still miss our relationship. But I know, he is happier and probably better off without me.
Today will be a very uneventful day going to spend time with Jamie and Megan and then to show choir till 5
My sun burn hurts like a bitch.
Today is going to be a good day

Slow Day

Hi Tumblr.
Today has been a long day. Payslee was up at 4 and didn’t fall back asleep till 10:30. She was so unhappy that the maitence guys were trimming our hedges. Poor thing. A truancy officer came to my house saying my paper work had to be in by the end of the day or they would press charges. I was freaking the fuck out. Although the Charges wouldnt have gone through I was still scared as fuck.
Watched a scary movie and showered..went to the library until I had to go to show choir. I get cleared Saturday to dance. I’m so excited. Like seriously.
Now I’m watching Amityville Horror until my baby girl wakes up.
I can’t seem to talk to Alex without getting so upset at myself..I wish I could just get over him…let him be happy…but I can’t just let him go…ugh..😢😯😖😟😢
Back to my movie and my thoughts..