Hurt? Yes.
Heart broken? Yes.
Disappointed? Maybe a little.
Pissed off? That’s more like it.
You are 16 years old. And you can’t stand up for yourself and what you love to your mom. Wow. You complain of her being “over protective”. You allow her to smother you. You allow her to control you like an animal. If you honestly loved me and wanted me like you said you did you wouldn’t have left twice In the past week. I’m hurt at the fact that you won’t fight for what you want…hell you’re girlfriend. You won’t fight for me because you are too scare of you’re mom? Love is supposed to be unconditional and never blind to each other’s needs.
Clearly you put what your mom wants before yours and mine.
I’m beyond done.
I’m done crying .
I’m done being fucked over by you’re mother.
Hope you’re happy.

Sometimes I feel as if this is the only way to truly get my feelings out….
I miss you…I still love you…I still want you but if I constantly have to worry about you leaving me again…how healthy is that?….I know your scared….so am I…but you made it all….feel like less of a hurdle because I had you to lean on and hold me up…
Being just friends after the commitment I made to you seems literally impossible. It would year my heart up into tiny bits and put them in a deep fryer (horrible analogy, I’m kinda hungry….mmmm twizzlers)
But that’s beside the point….queen you promise to love me and be there by side I never thought that you would actually leave me….
Good night tumblr. Thank you for listening to my sob story.
-Lexi Out-